Sunday, February 1, 2015

Themed boxes

A few of my boxes are themed or extra matchy-matchy!  It gets more expensive when I get emotionally attached to a box!  But, it is fun!  I have found pencil/binder pouches, stuffed animals, toys, t-shirts, shoes that have spurred character themes or color schemes.  I also am remembering my teen boy's childhood fondly or doing a box here or there thinking of someone special.  Sometimes, I can sense the Lord really moving on behalf of a special child!!

Like this box for oldest girl, 10-14 is a great example.  It all started w/Academy clearance shoes in a wonderful color!  I got the outfit in 2 different trips to Palais Royal clearance w/super coupons!  I love how it all looks together.  She will also get toiletries, hair accessories and school supplies.  I felt driven to go back for this gauzy blouse, it is so pretty with the bright skirt.   I will squeeze in a craft or sewing kit for her.

Dora the Explorer and her monkey side-kick, Boots!  The boys watched Dora on her adventures!  Flip-flops were 70% off at Target w/additional 20% off cartwheel.

Stars and stripes /red, white and blue theme.  Target flip-flops, same deal as above.  I will deflate the ball.  I will make something w/the ribbon?  My baseball Momma friend gave me bags of crafting supplies, the ribbon flag came from her.  I got the hair accessories at Dollar General, 50% off clearance weekend!

Spidey theme x 2.  Very colorful!  My boys had tennis shoes and some toys.  Shoe clearances started these out.  Not sure I should have, but gotta make them work now. 

For the love of a child!!


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  1. I love that outfit in the first box -- she will be delighted. Theme boxes are fun!


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