Sunday, February 8, 2015

Clothes on Clearance

I am not needed by my man sized teen-aged sons anymore to fetch clothing at the store.  That has become more of a you and me outing...they pick, I purchase.  I cannot be trusted any longer to comprehend their latest whim. lol  I have been using clearances, coupons and saving certificates to get clothing for OCC children down to low, low prices.  I need to pair up sets/pieces of clothing to shoes I have gotten also the same method.

 I stocked up on flip-flops at Target when I admired the silver color for oldest boys.  I got in on those a little early!  I will remember next year to wait for their mega shoe clearance and use cartwheel the day they take an extra 40% off.  (lesson learned) 

 I splurged on 4 ($4) t-shirts at Jo Ann's fabric that have chalk board images on them.  I will add chalk with each 1.  A bit pricey...(lesson learned)  But, they are oldest boy sized and I gotta take care of my boys. lol
Mom and I sewed ponchos out of Dollar General tree skirts.  They were lined fleece and very cheap.  I sent them to Romania as a love offering with my Sunday School class.  We have lots left over cuttings to make little bags and finger puppets and mitten/hat sets. I sure hope this pink camo is ok to send.   Mom created blanket ponchos to comfort 2 elderly in the hospital.  We are buying up blankets on clearance like Madd Women!!
 For the love of a child!!


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