Friday, December 14, 2012

Our 2012 Trees

Let me start with a prayer you can agree with me on:  Dear Lord, Bless Teachers, Administrators and Parents along with  students that had to return to "normal" today...we may never have a normal again.  Remind us of your presence and bless Connecticut!  May Angels inhabit our schools, homes and cities!!  Amen   

I love seeing the Holiday cheer and festive atmosphere in your homes!!  Every beloved abode has it's own beautiful touches and colors and glorious glow. We enjoy several trees around our home.  I dream of having 1 in every room.  Living room..the main tree.
  My youngest dictates much of what I accomplish.  This year he wanted my collection of blown glass ornaments so this tree is loaded with only them.  He also wanted the gold beads.   I had to keep his birdhouse out that he made in 7th grade shop class, he just recently brought it home. 
A few close ups...
Christopher Radko Huge Santa was a specialty store piece that I got after Christmas yrs ago.
Same store...Santa Farmer...absolute yummy piece.  My In-Laws are pig farmers, so I had to have him.
This is in the Master Suite.  I have to spend some time in here in the Winter with my heated blanket and Tab due to Fibro so I will always have a tree to look at.  I decorate it with the boys ornaments.  I also used the red wooden beads that I love.
These were baby shoes for the boys.
Oldest made this just before lil brother was born...a long time ago. lol
I made this tree for the boys gameroom the yr we moved in here.  I just add more stuff as we find it on clearance or my mom buys the boys.  We are big University of Texas fans (UT).  This tree is totally dedicated to UT.  My mom fixed the lights since this pic.  They are only white and orange...UT colors. 
This was found at a local craft fair...
My Mom gave this 1 to oldest to add to the tree this yr.

That's the big trees.  I have small 1s tucked around also. 
I sneak lil touches of our Faith around too.  Here is 1 such vignette..
I picked these roses from our driveway bed to tuck in a Goodwill vase I found recently for $1.  I believe I found this Nativity for $1 at Family Value.  I love it!!!  This is at the sink the boys and Hubby brush their teeth and hair at.
The Magic of Christmas is so captivating!!

Candy Cane Kisses and White Snow Wishes! DeniseMarie