Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Boo to You!

Happier than a Pig in Mud had this picture on her bloggie this month. 
I made a Jack-O-Lantern and Frankie tree for the holiday.
I had all of this collected from different places and years.
Of course the Tree Topper Frankie has to have one to collect candy, right?

It is a very special party not to be forgotten..

I have to show ya'll something I saw last week at a local antique mart.  I almost fell out!!

Yes..count them...5 Tinsel Trees!!
Was someone hoarding them?  Where did they come from?  I have 1 only and feel blessed to have it.  I never got the story.

Here mine is from 2009 Christmas Card.  MIL gave it to me!

I love Christmas trees almost as much as Debbie Dabble Christmas!!  I have added a white tree and a 6' green tree to this season's plans.  I'll redecorate the 1 up top too..maybe with gingerbread and apples for my kitchie.

Sneak peek at the new place..
Can't wait to get it decored for Christmas.  I got a HUGE box of ornies at Home Depot on 1 of our many trips there.  I will use the 9 big ornies into a garland at the front door.  I got a set of HUGE plastic bells for the gate too.  Both of these were Martha Stewart's new line.  Our real-estate agent/friend did buy us that Nutcracker for the door too. :D

He'll be Regal and really cap off the look.

I'm joining some places:
Show off your Cottage Mon

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Candy Cane Kisses! DeniseMarie

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Church Country Store Weekend

This tree is sooo nice. 
It would be great in the front room window of a home with that feature.  A dining room or library window so that at night it lit up for the drivers by to see.  They used floral picks and upholstery trim to fill this tree.  And, an olden Santa at the top to finish it off.  That is probably a yard of remnant fabric or a table cloth as the tree skirt.  I bet I could make this for myself or my momma's house with stuff we already have.
  I'm totally inspired!
Light bulb Snowmen!!
Great paint!
I am working on a University of Texas light bulb for my boys Game room tree. :)
Great way to recycle those diet coke with lime cans, huh. lol
I really enjoyed looking around this market at the projects these fine women of God had made.

3 or More Tuesday at The Gypsy's Corner.  She is showcasing her grandson's baby shower.  Never seen such an awesome diaper "cake" idea...ever!!

Candy Cane Kisses! DeniseMarie

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Off I go

Well, thanks everyone for your lovely comments and for linking into my Meme.  I told you I had plenty of collections.  Maybe next month I'll show my Precious Moments ornaments or my old fashioned ornaments or my nativity collection or Snowmen or my mom's santas??

 New Poster for your Blog will be on my side-bar or you can grab it here and now for your blog side-bar.  I hope you'll come back and share a collection with me.  We are getting closer, huh.
This olden post card must be from the South, huh.  Who wears a lil blue frock & carries a potted flower at Christmas..calling out Joyeux Noel??  lol

Off I go Christmas Lovers!! 
To a Scarecrow Festival & Antique Shopping to feast my eyes and heart on in and around Jefferson, TX. 
I really need this long weekend girls trip!!  I'm going with a DEAR beloved buddy and her teen-age daughter that is like a Niece to me.  This is gonna be fun. 

I'll have my camera along in case there are any shots to share with you beloved blogging buddies.

Candy Cane Kisses! DeniseMarie