Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kohl's "Cash"

 I love me some Kohl's "Cash"!!
It all stated with my own rewards from preparing my son for a dance.  I had $20, but I returned a $16 bow tie because I got 2 for him to chose from.
I returned that 1st and it brought my rewards down to $10...(lesson learned!!) 
 My 1st found treasures were 80% off ornaments that look like stuffed animals to me??  How about you??  My mom has a love affair with owls from the 70', I see this as fitting.  I love I couldn't leave him behind!!  Then, I noticed their awesome, colorful face cloths were 1/2 price!!  They are huge and I remembered a testimony I pinned on my Pinterest - OCC board, here
I feel like they nearly have a hand towel with these babies!  I will get face cloths at Family Dollar, Dollar General or Wal-mart in those 18 packets when I have coupons or the color combo is on clearance. My heart skipped out of that store SO happy with my treasures!!

 Then, the next week, my Mom realized she had $10 that would expire in 2 days.
I got to her place as soon as possible...this is fun stuff! lol  I got a polar bear/penguin box in the works now.  And, those critters are so detailed...a mouse and a squirrel/chipmunk!  I bought most of their indv. rags that looked like Fall colors on clearance and that gorgeous towel may be cut up to make wash cloths?  I got that 1 headlamp that will go in an oldest boy box, originally $20, for $2.  
  I went back on my 3rd trip but missed the rest of the cap lights.  (lesson learned)

On my 3rd trip, I was packin' my baseball Momma friend's $15 reward!!  I don't have photo evidence of this but I got more face cloth bundles still 1/2 price, polar bears and a Trek brand water bottle with 3 pairs of socks in it for 1/2 price. 

The generous spirit of a few precious friends astounds me.  
I have shown pics here or there on Facebook and others have responded and donated items for crafting!  This 1 special friend gave me a $15 now, $10 later and $57 Kohl's store credit card...
I still have $40 on that card.  This was my Yes and Amen moment!!

I may be on to something good here!  
Others partnering with my efforts allows me to share what G0d is doing through our out-pour.  I can send them pics and texts and may involve them when I get into the craft packs they donated!   I walked in to use my last $10 certificate and Chaps school uniform shorts were 90% off, $ I got 4 pairs.  They only had size 7 boys.   Children's toys were BOGO 50% off and I couldn't leave
40 cents on my I got these sweet puzzle packs that have started 2 theme boxes.  I have signed up for an app or something that gave me extra 15% off is how I got the 40 cents hanging.

I have top quality stuff from these trips!
 I feel I have landed in the right spot for using my gifts and talents to glorify the L0rd. 

For the love of a child!!


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