Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day coming

I popped in to my Goodwill this week between the boys lunch deliveries.  I found a few things of shoebox use.

There was 1 lonely little dollie for 99 cents amongst a sea of animals.  I have animals out the Wa-Zoo! lol  It will be fun to dress her up a bit.  I grabbed this little black purse at the front because it is perfect to add a Littlest Pet shop world inside!!  Will share when that happens.  And...bonus...hearts all over and heart shaped.  

Snoopy flannel pc. of fabric in honor of my beagles ... and some awesome twine/string to make up kits.  There was more flannel and there were more huge skeins like this of wool yarn.  There were 2 quart baggies stuffed to the brim with trim, ribbon, binding, cords.  I kept looking at it and wondering if I should splurge or not, $1.99 each.

What I have done is let the boys know that if they popped in on their way out of their work-out session (2 doors down from Goodwill) and made their way down the aisles to find those baggies of goodies and got them for their Momma for Valentines day...well, that would just be like being shot by Cupid's arrows, don't ya know it!?  Then, pay for a box to ship and they are out of Valentine's day for less than $10 each!!

They followed through a suggestion at Christmas, so I have high hopes.

For the love of a child!!

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