Friday, February 13, 2015

A skirt/dress out of what??

Upcycle a WHAT??  

Up-cycle a bed-skirt into a dress!!  See Pin here.  
I was hooked as soon as I saw this!!  I love to look at the linens in Goodwill stores.  I sometimes get some amazing bargains there!  A bed-skirt is $3.99!  You can make quite a few little girl dresses with a bed skirt!!  I was smitten recently when I found a Laura Ashley bed-skirt!!  I felt like I was skipping up to the checker!!  I was probably running! lol
I could have  gotten another 1 at Salvation Army that was cyan blue sateen AND 1/2 price.  But, I couldn't tell if it was too sheer or not and erred on the side of caution. 

All Mom and I need now is to coordinate my ribbon hoard so we can sew a channel for the cinching of the top.  I had it in the breeze today on my back patio...smells SO fresh!!

Up-cycle a T-shirt into a skirt!  See Pin here
I bought 3 brand new t-shirts to use.  The bottom hem becomes the ribbon cinched waist band.  Now...this is my kind of project!!  The bottom "hem" is created when you cut the arm-pits all the way across.  It may curl a bit but that is quite all right.
This delightful idea has a bonus project!  See Pin here.  Create 2 drawstring bags out of the sleeves of the t-shirt.  I can use these bags for marbles or puzzles or hair accessories.

 I hope I can create an accessory for her hair with what is left of the shirt after these 2 projects.  That way, 3 oldest girls will match to the T! lol

For the love of a child!!


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