Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Imaginative Mats

 I am so excited! 
 In years past, I have slipped an animal or 2 into boxes as filler.  
This year, my craft room is cleaned up and I turn the lights on every day.  I have pinned some cool play land ideas and am creating settings to enjoy animals.   
I can just imagine precious children in their own exploration worlds!!

This is my bin of Littlest Pet Shop...

See my multiple Pins: here (sea world in a tin) and here (sea and forest mat) and here (beach front ocean mat) and here (fishing pond)and here  (horse corral) and here  (dino mat). I have print-outs and will also create some felt worlds.  This idea started with the dino mat because my boys loved them some dinosaurs!!  I even had their room painted as a dino wonderland at our 1st home.  I found a clearance piece of dark blue felt at Hobby Lobby and reality of my dream set in.  I will create little worlds for little hands!! 
 I like to keep altoid tins (see a Pin here) and will fit some into them.  I will create bags for some (see a Pin here and here and here) and use any recycled containers I have for some, see Pin here and here and here

 These are awesome examples of what I cannot wait to create!  
I will crop the mats and  quart sized zip-loc bag each set.

 I have also pinned some car/vehicle mats. here  I printed the 2nd page off and will add a few cars and props for little hands.  My boys loved Hot Wheels!!  
My Mom loved picking them for the boys so I have her thinking about shoe box cars.

For the love of a child!!


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