Monday, February 9, 2015

Clothes Pins in shoeboxes?

I have a stash of thrifted/donated wooden clothes pins...these are really special! 
I want to create some Peg dolls with them.  See Pins here (Mermaids) and here (penguin).  I have a pin here to show how to saw them down a bit. 
And, look at this fun Pin here (dragonfly) and here (airplane).

I made actual drying line kits for the oldest girls.  See Pin here.  
I got 3 different colored clothes line rope for $1 and divided the bundles up into a bunch of baggie kits.  I decorated the clothespins with fingernail polish and sharpie markers. 

Why didn't I think of  that?? moment:  see Pin  here!(actual jewelry element) 
Perfect for Mom and I...she is the jewelry maker.  I have been throwing that coil pieces away when they fall apart!!  But, this pin has me thinking on a whole new level!

For the love of a child!!


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