Saturday, January 31, 2015

U r 1 in a Minion!

When my 9th grader was much younger, I got him the movie, Despicable Me, for his birthday.  We watched it over and over together!  Anyways, Minions are so popular that they have marshmallow Peeps.  However, we can't put them into an OCC shoebox. :{..

I am working on a shoebox for a 5-9 yr old boy themed: U r 1 in a Minion!  It started with a t-shirt on clearance at Palais Royal after Christmas, less than $4.  These shoes match the theme perfect from the Payless Shoe Source clearance, $4.  It can get more costly to have a favorite theme, but it is bringing back sweet memories and I imagine will bring delight to a precious child!
I saw this cup and couldn't pass it up, Dollar Tree.  I think I found the fun pack at Tuesday Morning.  The perfect bouncy ball comes from Old Navy,  see Pin here.  I had the clapper and blue dolphin toy in my stash.  I had everything I needed to make the minion egg from a Pin idea.  I'll add toiletries and school supplies.  Maybe I can put little pencil erasers inside the Minion egg?

For the love of a child!!


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