Friday, January 30, 2015

The Whole wide world in His hands

I have taken this fun child's globe my boys had when younger and made it into a garden orb.  But, this image is cool to me because I have discovered that it may not be random that my boxes have gone more than once to Togo, West Africa!  You can't truly draw a straight line from Houston, TX to Togo...but as the boat floats it is interesting.  It is the smallest country on the African Continent.  I sent out 8 oldest boys and 8 oldest girl boxes in 2014 and they went to Togo.  So, I keep this in mind as I prepare 2015 boxes.  Why, because it has happened before...maybe the regions are connected?
I like to pack the oldest child categories into plastic shoe boxes I gather at Dollar General with my $5/$25 Saturday deal.  Not only as a great stowage container but I hear they've been used to gather water!!  I am not gonna just throw out shoe boxes so I will use them for the other least the youngest.  I feel silly that I didn't realize a great idea when it was "in my face" this past November!?  Use a bandana as wrapping for the see thru boxes! See Pin here Duh!!  I made sure they all got 1, why didn't I use it aesthetically!?  lol 

I pinned another awesome idea and was SO rushed to sort my boxes in November that I didn't do it!  See Pin here.  But, I made sure to do it already with several of my boxes.  I placed my hand on the lid and instructed them to pray with me.  Hopefully, my huge hand doesn't frighten anyone. lol  I have a prayer in agreement thing and love to encourage others to pray!!
What crazy Pin am I working on right this minute?? See Pin here.   I found 3 different colors of clothing line rope at a 99 cent store locally.  I already found the clothes pins at a Dollar General and at a thrift shop.  I am turning a mundane task into a kit for oldest girls.  I wanna decorate the pins too.
See Pin here

I love Pinterest, here's my OCC board.

For the love of a child!!  To G0d be the Glory!!,


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