Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oldest boys are 10-14

I am passionate about the oldest boys category!!  10-14  
People forget to think about them but I can't!!  

As soon as my boys were that age, I had to pack those boxes every year!!  I love to give them tools, fishing kits, tool boxes! 

They have to start prepping for a Trade and some of them are already working and/or providing for their families.

See my plentiful Pins:
 here (Home Depot work apron for 77 cents) and here (rain ponchos, I find at Dollar Tree 2/$1)
 here (Dollar Tree colorful rope) and here  (sample of collected items for the boys)
 here (zip ties) and here (mini tool kit in a pencil box)
 here (hand crank flash lights, Amazon) and here (Amazon bulk clippers)

 Tool box at Lowe's is Pinned here.  tray is here.

 Fishing kit ideas:
 Pinned here (coke can tab as hook) and here (mint container as mini tackle box)
 here (pill bottle and recycled wine corks) here (cork w/hooks and line)
here (pvc compact tackle box)

I am guilty of just putting fishing items into the box that I have found on clearance at Wal-Mart.
But, this yr. I'll make sure to do kits.

I have always gone to Dollar Tree and loaded up there for these tool items.  This year I am adding a new tool to my work apron...Harbor Freight!!  I use a 20% off coupon to buy an item and use a FREE coupon to get an item.  The catch is...only 1 free item per store per day!!  I thought I could match item/free item.  But, I guess I'll be going in more than I thought.  I have 2 Harbor Freights in my area so depending on my energy level and errands, I have a shot at popping in a few times each month.  I have gathered some great things this way.  I also hope their $7 tool boxes go on special some time during the year so I can snag some up!  They look to be comparable to the Lowe's box.  Here is 1/3 of what I have stashed so far for 2015 boxes.
I have not even begun to mess with packaging in this category.  I think I'll have the boys help me on Mother's Day to process and prep.  I figure I'll just keep collecting and split it all up later.

P. S. - I got $$ from my Hubby &oldest to pay for 6 boxes to ship as my Val. gift!

For the love of a child!!


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  1. What a wonderful project! Sad to think that some are already providing! This is just amazing and I would never think of this.


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