Monday, August 16, 2010

Penguin Preview & Snowman Soup

Hello Christmas Dreamers. 
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas in this Summer heatwave? Look what came in my e-mail..
Looks like they are barely whetting our appetite but there is a hint of the magic to come.

I've been playing around.

I got my Christmas rubber stamps and punches out to see what I had.  A local party supply store purged a bunch of inventory to my local women's charity thrift shoppe.  Among a few other goodies, I got 4 different sets of paper hot/cold cups (64 ttl) and I'm playing with labels and snowman soup tags to have my supplies better ready for Hubby's requests and my giving whims.  I'll be set when he says..."Honey, can you whip up 32 goodie bags for me to give out at lunch today?" 

Black & silver with white polka dots, red gingham, brown with colored dots. Fun stuff!
I paid 50cents for each pack of 8.  I'll have fun figuring out how to label each cup design.  I sure better make inventory of my cello bags.  There is nothing like running out of a simple detail to hose up your Elf duties.  I figure if I work on these fun details now then I'll be able to concentrate when it is time to remember enough candy canes, marshmallows, cocoa pkts and kisses come Nov/Dec.  BTW, I put about 10 mini mallows into a tiny jewelry zip lock baggie for each soup kit.  Once I've bought the bag of marshmallows and am ready to open it I think it is more professional to immediately put the whole bag into baggies to prepare for assembly.
Get your Snowman on.  lol

Candy Cane Kisses and White Snow wishes!
Denise Marie

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