Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My 1st ever Meme event

I'm excited!!  My 1st Meme will occur after school is back in session and we are all getting into our Fall schedule.  I hope you'll be able to share pictures of a Christmas collection or 2 or 3 with us.  I'm crazy for Fall too girls but gotta get some stuff done ahead of the Christmas rush or it won't happen here.  I hope all your precious collections are well stored and marked and you can find them easily because I want to see them and hear your stories.

I absolutely adore this image. 
I figured out how to go to PhotoBucket.com and edit any photo.  A blogging buddy told me how to do it but I can't remember if it was Sue Loves Cherries or who helped me.  Someone took the time to help me and I appreciate her!  I know this doesn't even look Christmas-y Does it??  But, I can't resist it's Joyeux Noel.  I definitely owe BannerHaus credit for helping me figure out how to go to olden images on the computer...I'm hooked on them.  There is something about them.

Please join me and let's show off our collections that come out to play at Christmas.   What is a Christmas Collection...you ask?  Believe me...you know if you are a Christmas Collector's Alley kinda gal! ;}

Nutcrackers  ..

Precious Moments Ornaments - my mom has been giving them to me for 20 yrs.

Snowmen - Huge collection

Old World Santas - mom has huge collection

Special Trees full of sentimental ornaments - Mother-in-love gifted me this tree
She has given me some of the ornaments but I've also thrifted some and I'll show ya.
I really want a table top sized 1.

Snowglobes - Nate loves them

Nativity Scenes - Love them
I'll show my Willow Tree set that hubby has been adding to for 2 years.

Polar Bears, Penguins, North Pole Mayhem - Nate's fault again

Tree Toppers

Village scene collection - those sure don't happen overnight


Books that you love to read to the kids

Dishes, dishes, dishes that you've collected! 

Please add my button to your bloggie if you think others will join us!  Let's do it Once a Month until December and then I'll go weekly in December.  I'll edit the button after each event or create a new one.

Candy Cane kisses and Christmas JOY Wishes!!

xox, DeniseMarie

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  1. Denise Marie,
    I added your button to my Christmas Blog with a link to this post. As soon as you do a post with the specific details, please let me know and I will change the link to that post. I am also going to do a post about it on this blog and will mention it for this coming Pink Saturday on Debbie-Dabble!! what great fun this will be!! I am so thrilled that you are doing this Denise Marie!!


  2. Guess what, I loved your Christmas blog so much that you inspired me to start one too! I will add a linky picture to this post, Denise Marie, and I am adding your blog to my blog roll too.

    Blessings and best wishes,

  3. Oh my goodness -- I have to say you are making me tired already... :) I am not even remotely ready to think about christmas yet!

    Thanks so much for joining with us at Friday Finding Beauty.

    You are such fun.


  4. Hi!
    Love that beautiful Christmas Tree! Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. Hello, Denise Marie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog~and for following! I'd love to follow your Christmas blog! I {heart} Christmas:) Your collectors' alley sounds like fun!

  6. This is a neat idea. In addition to my own blog I post every Friday on the blog about my Christmas book at http://scrapbookofchristmasfirsts.blogspot.com
    Yeah, like you, I do love Christmas

  7. Hello how wonderful your blog. I love coming here!
    A great Saturday for you,


Thank you for being here and for your inspirational note.

Be Blessed, xox DeniseMarie