Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Angel wings??

tomorrow is the big day

my 1st meme event

I hope I can figure out Mr. Linky???
I can't even figure out how to get my Christmas countdown clock back up here. lol

Are there any Christmas Angels out there that can tell me how to center my new title banner???  Ugh! I'd love to add a picture up there or expand the post card..yikes.

After next week, here is the new poster to pin up on your blog:

Candy Cane Kisses and White Snow Wishes! DeniseMarie


  1. Hi Denise! I am so sorry I am not an angel, lol. I don't know how to center it. I read a while back and actually got into the functions and did it. When I was done I was sweating and a nervous wreck. I thought it was going to ruin everything. I vowed to never mess with it again, lol. Maybe if you made it bigger or added pictures to it, it would be longer and then center it's self. Hopefully you will get a response with those wonderful techy angels out there!! I am new to viewing your blog and was wondering about your new button. I would also like to know about your match box swap. Can you tell me a little about it?

  2. Hey Mandie. So glad to connect with you here. I can take a picture or olden post card image found in inter-net land and bring it into Photobucket (because of a bloggie angel out there that helped me). I know how to hit the edit button in there and do some magical things to the image like super-impose my blogname, meme event and date without a background to distort the pic. I can then save and copy the edited image. Hope that helps.

    The Swap is closed but she may have bloggers have to back out. If you hit the poster/button under Christmas Angels it should take you to the sight and you could paroose around there and get some info and get added to the back-up list.

    We bought 3 sets of 10 matchboxes and emptied 25 of them and started decorating with whatever we knew to do. Go check out Linda at A Swap for All Seasons and see what all the fuss is about.

  3. Hi Denise - the template you are using has unfamiliar coding to me. I'm too lazy to puzzle it out -- am sending you a "cheater" version of the header to try, tho...lol...

  4. Holly, I can't even imagine being such a brain-iac as you with all this stuff!! You even got the bottom of the picture to look right after I'd cut off the German greeting!!!

    thank you...I wasn't aware that Donkeys had wings. lol


Thank you for being here and for your inspirational note.

Be Blessed, xox DeniseMarie