Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Boy....Oh I NOT so computer savvy!

I keep messing up my bloggie bling.  I hate the new blog Design on blogger that won't let ya do what YOU want. 

I can't make up my mind and if so...can't figure out how to execute what I need. :D 

I'm very content with Bloomin at Beagle Run Cottage but still fussin' with CITHOC.

Enough about about Joys..

I'm looking into ordering brads for my cardmaking and scrapbooking stash and have to have these
North Pole brads along with penguins, caramel apples and rabbits & more.  This has been a neat resource for me.  Their sample card was so cute showing how to use the brad that I had to show ya'll.
They have many styles on sale/clearance and I'm getting in on it.

Ya'll I may really follow thru with starting a card-making/scrapbook/paper crafting business.  The Lord gave me a scripture and signature stamp idea 2 years ago and I've only used it personally.  How fun if He blesses a business venture doing what I love.

Ecclesiastes 5:19 NIV

Moreover, when God ...enables "her" to enjoy, accept "her" lot and be happy in "her" work—this is a gift of God.

Candy Cane Kisses! DeniseMarie


  1. I think your blog looks wonderful-it is so festive! The new blogger stuff was a bit tricky to get used to but I do like the way you can change the widths of the side bars and the post section.

    Happy day and best wishes always,

  2. I really like your background. You will find your happy spot.

    I think it would be great if you started your own business. I have always dreamed of doing such a thing. I embroider for people and do some sewing but a business with inventory would be a lot of fun. Specially fun things like brads.

    Merry Christmas!


Thank you for being here and for your inspirational note.

Be Blessed, xox DeniseMarie