Thursday, September 23, 2010

New place to Trick or Treat??

Ya'll...I'm trying to Keep Calm and Carry On!!

That would have to be peppermint tea right...or Snowman soup. lol

We might be moving Beagle Run Cottage 2 neighborhoods behind where it is now.  My lil guy could still ride his bike to our friends house and then they could ride to school where they are in the same class.  I'm hoping they'll let him finish out his elementary career where I've been a Mom for the 10th year now.  I've seen them do it for other friends.

Have ya'll seen the genius peeps in blogland that can make a snack that takes you back to being 6 and wanting a big ol' Candy apple??
Oh Mandy pulled these candy apples together like it was nothing.  I still have her page on my desktop to do this for my boys.  I haven't even told her yet how amazed I am.

copied this image from Holly at Banner Haus News
Talk about an afternoon snack to run home for!! 
Santa would LOVE it too. lol

Candy Cane Kisses! DeniseMarie


  1. they sure look delicious, I love caramel apples.

  2. oh I love caramel anything! by the way, I love the name of your blog :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  3. I have seen a few recipes for these caramel apples around the place-they look delish!

    I hope your move won't be too stressful. Sounds like you have things under control.

    I have been away for a week and have been busy with teaching for a term but I am back on track now and will try my hardest to join in with your meme.

    Take care and best wishes,

  4. Hi, nice to meet you.
    I loved your blog.
    Wonderful Christmas decoration.

  5. That's a decadent way to enjoy an apple ;-)


Thank you for being here and for your inspirational note.

Be Blessed, xox DeniseMarie