Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More advent treats revealed

We almost had a fight over a piece of chocolate last week???!!! 
Remember, I got my youngest son his Lego advent and big brother thought the chocolate advent that I'm using was JUST for him NOT for the whole family to take turns.  Woa...trouble. lol
I'm so glad I did this for lil guy.  Teenagers may not act/speak like they want to be your precious baby...but they do. lol  They want their own stuff to continue to be special. 
Let's see some advent treasures that might be worth fighting for but thank goodness no girls here to scrap me for them:

beautiful fabric and trim box had a lil snowflake ornament inside.  I forgot to take photo of it.
Ya'll, I almost went Postal on my family when we were setting this whole advent tree up and my coffee spilled onto this...the MOST precious fret work box of them all!!  The scene takes up the whole inside and is still intact but reindeer took a dunk into coffee.  Why....and why can't I remain calm when these things happen?  lol
Is this the sweetest box ever...why couldn't I think to stamp the inside of any of my boxes?  Great job, Cami @ Creating My Self Creatively

she strung Merry Christmas on string and it is awesome.  Would make a great package tie on or bracelet or garland.

More later...sorry about no credit boxes, son helped unpack my set. :S

Candy Cane Kisses and White Snow Wishes! DeniseMarie


  1. Keep showing those boxes..I LOVE them! Aren't advent calendars the greatest? I have failed my family this year...no decor at all. It's just been rough.(My husband forgot to pack our Christmas stuff from the shed when we moved) But,now I've a whole year to make next years all that much more special!! I still have my little boxes all ready to decorate. I love getting these ideas!

  2. Nice to meet you Denise Marie...so glad you enjoyed my Day 6 box. Thsi swap has been so much fun, hasn't it? Your little advent tree is great!

    I don't have a followers gadget on my blog but you can add me in your dashboard if you're interested. Enjoy the season...it'll be over before we know it!


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